Wave-lengths Hitherto Undetected - installation documentation from Jade Boyd on Vimeo.

Jade Boyd, Wave-Lengths Hitherto Undetected from Jade Boyd on Vimeo.

Wave-Lengths Hitherto Undetected Multimedia Installation (mushrooms, sensors, electrode, Arduino, dimmer, Spooky Tesla Spirit Radio, lamp, glass tanks, custom-made steel stands), 2018.

Technical assistance was received from Ahmad Mollahassani and Nick Wishart in the making of this work.

Exhibited at the Postgraduate Degree show, February 22nd, 2018 at Sydney College of the Arts, Australia.


EF16 Electrofringe16 (EF16), 107 Projects, Sydney, October 22nd, 2016...

Crystal Radio Feed, an installation involving the Spooky Tesla Spirit Radio, created here with help from Nick Wishart.

 photo 734f3133-51cd-4267-a557-6398b0157be7_zpszw0lyisk.jpg

CRYSTAL RADIO FEED at EF16 from Jade Boyd on Vimeo.

This artist’s work channels the supernatural, and you can test it out for yourself
on Techly
By Larissa Bricis
21 Oct 16
 photo 082b378a-63f2-4a2a-957b-230058d4ecf7_zpsoqsqtykt.jpg

'Most people are intrigued by the supernatural, even if it creeps them the heck out. That’s why Paranormal Activity was so stupidly popular!

So when Aussie artist, Jade Boyd, sat down to create a project for the upcoming Electrofringe event, she decided on (a somewhat unorthodox) mix of technology, supernatural spirits, and art.

To give you some context, Electrofringe is a presenting platform for experimental electronic and tech-based art, which has been running in Australia since 1997. Electrofringe seeks to foster innovative works and creative practices that use technology in new and exciting ways.

Techly chatted to Jade Boyd in order to delve a little deeper into her work ‘Crystal Radio Feed’, inspired by the Spooky Tesla Spirit Radio....'

*see the full article here


Theremin headpiece and fibre optic dress for DLUX MediaArts' sARTorial

 photo Maschinenmensch_zpsqxqzwd0s.jpg
Image by Aaron Leung

sARTorial, a wearable technology project for DLUX MediaArts with Nick Wishart (Toydeath) and Carley Rose Wolski. The project consists of a Theremin headset and fibre optic dress and was shown at the sARTorial pop-up event on September 21st, 2016 (as a part of Sydney Fringe Festival).

Modeled by Julia Rose. Described as a '...statuesque model in an eerie, noise producing, theremin helmet.' - Sleep Pile

sARTorial: Where Digital Art meets Fashion, Sound & Technology from dLux MediaArts on Vimeo.

DLUX MediaArts Event sARTorial

Red-light Jacuzzi Club, Oslo, Norway
Demon's Mouth presents:
Intermezzo 6

Jade Boyd
Red-light Jacuzzi Club

Friday, April 10th
20:00 - 23:00

 photo 962ef166-3a24-44d6-b592-e28684306945_zpszbaut6yn.jpg
 photo 5042db62-82dc-48bc-b3d2-629106ea9e14_zps7bswd8xc.jpg
 photo 87d7f9d6-289e-40bd-95bb-2acc51a5d0e9_zpsdcdmmp4x.jpg

Red-light Jacuzzi Club Intermezzo at Demon's Mouth Gallery, Oslo, Norway, April 2015, ft. A Refusal by Ekoplekz from Jade Boyd on Vimeo.

Red-light Jacuzzi Club Intermezzo at Demon's Mouth Gallery, Oslo, Norway, 2015, ft. Cold Confession by Antoni Maiovvi from Jade Boyd on Vimeo.

Featuring original soundtrack contributions from Antoni Maiovvi (UK), Ekoplekz (UK), Horse Macgyver (AU), Philippe Laurent (FR), Club Sound Witches (AU), Alan Howarth (US), Soft Power (AU) and Silvio (aka Umberto, US) and R.A.F. (members of Pelvis (AU) and Lady Shave (AU)).

Australian artist Jade Boyd has assembled a selection of tracks from experimental musicians to launch at Demon's Mouth gallery on the 10th of April.

Red-light Jacuzzi Club reflects on the Romanticized nightclub experience. It is a (n imagined?) sprawling wasteland of cheap leather, neon lights, caged bodies, smoke, transfixion: A place that maybe never existed, beyond the societal where the unhinged thrive.

Jade Boyd is a visual artist working on a PhD. Her video images morph and flow and ooze and feed off each other. Her practice borders on the technological supernatural. Desire is unbound. You're being watched. The present is uncertain.

Redlight Jacuzzi Club won’t be something you see everyday (and is unlike anything you’d see on the back of a VHS tape). Enter this world of uncertainty.

- Alexander Argirou, 2015

Demon's Mouth
Københavngate 4


09||10||14 - 23||10||14

Karaoke Nights. Video exhibition. Demon’s Mouth, Oslo, Norway (October 2014)

 photo 28d3ead7-6203-48da-bde1-eca920ed39a3_zps03488f6f.jpg

 photo 337a361e-ad50-4c41-a7f4-ea8b2b86e28d_zps7d17fe20.jpg

With videos for....

 photo c715977a-c106-465c-b627-1111ccfb74f2_zps81a590dc.png
Pet Shop Boys, West End Girls, 2014 (with Alex Argirou)

 photo 316ac171-4025-45c8-834a-eaa4b887f738_zps4a511f97.png
Duran Duran, Planet Earth, 2014 (with Danielle Zorbas, Alex Argirou, Philippa Nicole Barr)

Contributing artists: Hedda Amundsen & Miriam Hansen, Marthe Andersen, Philippa Nicole Barr, Chris Bennie, Aeron Bergman and Alejandra Salinas, Jade Boyd, Jonathan Brewer, Rohan Bridge, Robyn Butcher and Alex Cuffe, Anja Carr, David Creed, Jóhanna Ellen, Frido Evers, Irina Haugane, Iselin Linstad Hauge, Jason Havneraas, Ottar Karlsen & Øyvind Smistad Kalvenes, Anne-Liis Kogan, Monica Kvaale, Malin Longva, Sylvain Marchand, Stephen Reynolds, Bård Røssevold, Timo Saarelma, Molly Shea, Sigmund Skard, Hans Christian Skovholt, Kristian Skylstad & Magnus Vatvedt, David Spooner and Laura Hill, Janne Talstad, Nina Toft & Hilde Honerud, Danielle Zorbas, Ragnhild Aamås, Christian Aas & Lis Harvey

Review of the exhibition - Kunstkritikk (in Norwegian)

VhXorCisM Performance / installation at Queensland College of the Arts Project Gallery, at EXIST-ENCE 5 international festival live art performance art action art, Brisbane, Australia, June 30th 2013

VHxorciSm from Jade Boyd on Vimeo.

 photo f4565ebc-afd5-44dc-9774-685459627ab1_zps2dd270f1.jpg

 photo 1d8ee05f-8e48-4a77-a688-a64d083012a8_zpsf07ed6f1.jpg

 photo 556ee780-61f2-4e02-8b36-fd232279b8ff_zpsd40e8535.jpg
Jade Boyd, VHxorciSm, Installation/ performance (post-performance documentation): TV monitors, VHS players, synthesiser, fx pedal, KORG KAOSS pad mini, digital mixing, plastic, crystal, projection. Dimensions variable (performance approx. 10 mins)
images by Nicola Morton..

† 06||06||13
The opening of Re:Cinema at Sydney College of the Arts, Sydney, Australia, as part of ISEA 2013:

 photo de042954-f33c-4a27-844c-478ed6a5ee40_zpsfcbecfbf.jpg

Image: Clare Ferra, Love Oscillation (detail), Digital Video, 7min 50 secs, 2012.

 photo d9f49190-dd5a-48c7-b5ab-34a3a8389ea5_zpscf103b08.jpg

 photo 075a4a4e-b825-4a20-8336-fc1aafe2342c_zps25be0225.jpg

Jade Boyd, Snake People Totem, Monitors, DVDs- Digital video, VHS (Screen Residuals (Part I (20:58), Part II (20:26), Part III (17:12)), analogue/ digital sound, 2013.
Pictured with Space Oddity by Jai McKenzie (background) at Re:Cinema, Sydney College of the Arts, Australia, 2013.

Transference with Nicole White at 3433, Chicago, March 16- April 13, 2013

DarkGlobe photo DarkGlobe_zps1262cb71.jpg

DarkGlobe_Nicole photo DarkGlobe_Nicole_zpsc7cf3a17.jpg

http://thirtyfourthirtythree.com/ — at 3433 North Kedvale Ave. Chicago, IL.

Transmissions at Sea, AV installation /performance, Siege Mentality, Otherfilm Festival, onboard the HMAS Diamantina Ship, Brisbane, Australia, November 27th 2012

Installation/ performance at Siege Mentality, Otherfilm Festival, Brisbane, 2012 from Jade Boyd on Vimeo.

 photo 88042f69-5ab4-44ca-9243-845264a89b2c_zpsd4ff62a0.jpg

 photo 37cdf7a6-25b1-4b38-8a18-ef72aa8686b6_zpsf873d6e3.jpg
Transmissions at Sea, AV installation /performance- TV, DVD, digital effects pedal, cassette walkman. Siege Mentality, Otherfilm Festival, QLD Maritime Museum, onboard the HMAS Diamantina Ship, Brisbane, Australia, 2012

Map Breeding Myths with Stuart McGarey at Kunstplass 5, Oslo 10- 24 Nov. 2012

Mývatn Plastform video installation/ performance from Jade Boyd on Vimeo.

600 px M photo 865a4c01-9c01-4672-b14f-2ed83b1a5ac7_zps3dc66cbb.jpg
video installation/ performance Mývatn Plastform :plastic sheet, video (Mývatn, Jade Boyd, digital video, 45:59 (loop), 2011), sound (Jade Boyd, White Pain (7:21), 2008, Jupiter approach (4:04) (2009), Jupiter (1:35) (2009)), 2012. From the exhibition 'Map Breeding Myths' with Stuart McGarey, Kunstplass 5, Oslo 10- 24 Nov. 2012 — at -kunstplass 5, Oslo, Norway.

600 px M photo 0ce9e0d1-41eb-4f8a-b271-beee7cdc45c2_zps91802a4c.jpg
video installation/ performance Mývatn Plastform (plastic sheet, video, Mývatn, Jade Boyd, digital video, 45:59 (loop), 2011; sound (Jade Boyd, White Pain (7:21), 2008, Jupiter approach (4:04) (2009), Jupiter (1:35) (2009)). 2012), from the exhibition 'Map Breeding Myths' with Stuart McGarey, Kunstplass 5, Oslo 10- 24 Nov. 2012 — at -kunstplass 5, Oslo, Norway.

600 px M photo 3dc73b01-8397-4f87-ac3a-e2dede4af5d1_zpsc77ef0ce.jpg
video installation/ performance Mývatn Plastform :plastic sheet, video (Mývatn, Jade Boyd, digital video, 45:59 (loop), 2011), sound (Jade Boyd, White Pain (7:21), 2008, Jupiter approach (4:04) (2009), Jupiter (1:35) (2009)), 2012. From the exhibition 'Map Breeding Myths' with Stuart McGarey, Kunstplass 5, Oslo 10- 24 Nov. 2012 — at -kunstplass 5, Oslo, Norway.

600 px M photo b5c851c8-c6f8-46aa-8fe4-fd5cd06da485_zpseab6b65b.jpg
live: the video installation/ performance Mývatn Plastform :plastic sheet, video (Mývatn, Jade Boyd, digital video, 45:59 (loop), 2011), sound (Jade Boyd, White Pain (7:21), 2008, Jupiter approach (4:04) (2009), Jupiter (1:35) (2009)), 2012. From the exhibition 'Map Breeding Myths' with Stuart McGarey, Kunstplass 5, Oslo 10- 24 Nov. 2012 — at -kunstplass 5, Oslo, Norway. Image by Stuart McGarey

600 px, 'Devil Mixture' video with sound by Ekoplekz installed at the exhibition 'Map Breeding Myths' with Stuart McGarey, Kunstplass 5, Oslo 10- 24 Nov. 2012 — at -kunstplass 5, et visningssted for samtidskunst. photo b294cfd0-97f0-4ddf-a341-a541ebd5935c_zpsc6e3d8cf.jpg
Devil Totem installation including Devil Mixture video (Digital video, 2:48, Rotterdam, NL, 2011) with sound by Ekoplekz installed at the exhibition Map Breeding Myths with Stuart McGarey, Kunstplass 5, Oslo 10- 24 Nov. 2012 — at -kunstplass 5, Oslo, Norway.

ELECTRIC DREAMS (after La Monte Young, Brion Gysin, Phil Oakley)
at Upominki, Rotterdam, The Netherlands, 28th July 2012


A Waking-dream induction environment constructed from electrical pulses, liquefied force fields and signal transmission therapies.
Boyd's and Stern's _kinetic light and sound performance/installation is designed to stimulate mental oscillation, leading to lasting revelation.

electric dreams smaller 500 px

electric dreams smaller 500 px 2

electric dreams smaller 500 px

Ghosts Off the Shelf


// Kunstraum Kreuzberg/Bethanien
// Opening: Friday 27/01 › 19:00
// Exhibition: 28. January – 19. February 2012
// Opening times: daily 12 – 19:00

Exhibition curated by Thibaut de Ruyter.

How many ghost movies does Hollywood produce every year? How many books with mystical apparitions become summer bestsellers? How many people try to communicate with the beyond by using old techniques or new technologies? But if we really want to search for ghosts nowadays, we could simply look inside some small black plastic boxes that sit quietly on our shelves.

The economy of technology is based on quick obsolescence. The dead battery in the digital camera that we had ten years ago can’t be charged or replaced, and so the machine is definitely unusable. Software we operated every day hasn’t worked ever since we updated our computer operating system. A VHS tape on which we recorded images from the TV has lost its content for no apparent reason. Even finding a simple cable to connect two machines can become a problem.

Ghosts Off The Shelf is about the slow disappearance of VHS, S-VHS, VHS-C, Video 8, Hi-8, Betamax, Betacam and other lesser-known analog video formats that use magnetic tape. We all still possess a few of those objects, and because we no longer have the relevant equipment, we can’t see (or even know) what’s on those recordings.

New media artists have for years confronted the question of digitization and preservation of their works. Instead, the parti-cipants here are visual artists who produced, in the last -de-cades, some forgotten (i.e. invisible and perhaps never-seen) video pieces. For whatever reasons, they produced analog video, then decided to leave the work behind, moving on to another medium or technique. They share in common a critical point of view with regard to the use of tools, an inventive relationship to their media, or a strong connection with the uncanny in art. Each of the invited artists deliver a tape, we digitize it and create an "archive" of about 20 videos. Having a slight memory of these things that they did years ago – and probably haven’t seen for a while – we ask them to give us "ghosts", pieces that exist only in their memories but which find a new (digital) -existence through the exhibition.

On top three guest curated projects complete the artists list: the archive of the transmediale presents a selection of videos depicting dogs and fires, the second proposes music videos from the French post-punk era, while the third offers a glimpse on into the otherwordly musical worlds of CTM.12.

The exhibition is not about technological nostalgia, but about the aesthetic that can be found in certain techniques – the grain of Ilford HP5 photographic film, the blurred and saturated colors of VHS, the compression of MP3 files – and how these aesthetics will be loved, forgotten, and then once again become fashionable. It is also about the disappearance of our own memories and data, things that we wanted to keep forever but which will, because of technological progress, the aging of a technique, or the self-destruction of a supporting system, soon no longer exist.
– Thibaut de Ruyter

Theo Altenberg, La Boîte à Gants Productions (Gilles Berquet & Mirka Lugosi), Barbara Breitenfellner, Martin Dammann, Valerie Favre, Jason Forrest, Christian Gfeller, Richard Grayson, Graf Haufen, Carl Michael von Hausswolff, Elke Silvia Krystufek, Joep van Liefland, Ingrid Luche, Jacek Niegoda, Yokna Patofa, Jorge Queiroz, Monica Ross, Christian Vialard, Alexandra Vogt.

Plus Canine Pyromania, selected video art and detritus from the transmediale archive curated by Ruth Kemper & Baruch Gottlieb, RVB-Transfert (redukt) curated by Pierre Beloüin-Optical Sound, Emmissions from Anarchives*, curated by Jan Rohlf & Lilli Maxine Ebert, with works by Oneohtrix Point Never, Modern Witch/Mario Zoots, Ekoplekz / Jade Boyd, Stellar Om Source, and others.

From the CTM Festival website

video lyd VHS installation/ live manipulation by Jade Boyd, Jonny Mugwump's Exotic Pylon: City Symphony at Centrum Berlin from Jade Boyd on Vimeo.

Mystic Vertex/ Reflectograph Installation/ Sonic TV Energy field vortex...by Jade Boyd and Nick Edwards aka Ekoplekz (sound) from Jade Boyd on Vimeo.

That Which Devours and Dissolves Lovecraft-inspired title for my live sound/video/ sculptural/light installation (Analogue video mixer, DVD, Behringer effects pedal, lava, steam, plastic). Kunstakademiet i Oslo Masters Exhibition 2010, Stenersen Museet, Oslo, Norway
'Vulkan' http://www.nrk.no/kultur_og_underholdning/1.7134196

Jade Boyd, Apophenia. Live video/ sound installation; TV, monitors, analogue video mixer, speakers, liquid latex, garbage bags, velvet curtains. Dimensions variable (approx 2 hours duration). Åpent Akademi 2008, Kunstakademiet, Oslo, December 2008.

Video images were generated through the connection of various analogue equipment-mixers, VCRs, monitors, speakers, which were manipulated live. With the sound, I created feedback by connecting the audio input on the video mixer back into itself, otherwise known as ‘no-input mixing’. The installation takes its name from Apophenia, the making of meaningful connections between unrelated phenomena, which relates to both the formal and conceptual elements of the installation, a term first introduced to me by Goodiepal.


Jade Boyd, Apophenia; live video/ sound installation; tv, monitors, analogue video mixer, speakers, liquid latex, garbage bags, velvet curtains. Åpent Akademi 2008, Kunstakademiet, Oslo.

'Apophenia is the experience of seeing patterns or connections in random or meaningless data.' (Wikipedia)

...related to the phenomenon of EVP..

The Mirror Game, installation/ game. Dimensions variable, duration variable according to player of game. Galleri 21:24, Oslo, Norway, 2009.

The North (installation)
Jade Boyd, The North video installation: video projection (7:42), amplifier, 2x speakers, dead branches. Dimensions variable. ‘Podium’ at Galleri Badet, Kulturhuset, Hausmania, Oslo, Norway, 2006.
The North, originally an installation for my graduation exhibition at Sydney College of the Arts (2005), was the beginning of a trajectory of work and research based around the sublime and the supernatural. In this installation I projected a video made with footage of the Norwegian landscape combined with footage from earlier works.
The video was projected so that it fell partly onto the tips of the pile of twisted, dead branches, that lay on the floor, echoing the elements of nature within the video. The darkly layered soundtrack was heavy with bass, holding reference to Norse folklore with the imagined cries in the woods and a voice (suggestive of the Nøkken), beckoning in old Norwegian to `cross over´ (the water). The video moved in stilted procession, recalling Muybridge´s sequential photographic studies of locomotion, and creating a dislocated world, enclosed within the dark confines of the room.